Monday, 20 June 2011

Father's day

 Today  in the UK it is father's day.......  i wanted today to be perfect for  my One, as He is a Dad, but,it is also my name for Him when we are not being formal, "Daddy." ( it kind of seemed like a perfect day for me to be able to spoil Him rotten. ) After helping my son get Him breakfast in bed and completing my chores... Master had His bath, and then a while later we listened to music and briefly checked the emails , then we took my father out for dinner at a pub that Master and i went to last week and had lunch at.
It was a lovely meal....the owners are so very good at caring for their guest and all four of us had a really beautiful time. There was much laughter and i know that W/we will use this pub again because of the lovely atmosphere.
i feel loved and blessed that i had my family about me and was able to have such a wonderful time , and i only hope that T/they all enjoyed it as much as i did. my big responsibility of the day was being allowed to pay for the meal, (something that most  people would take for granted but before i met Master i couldn't have done because the pay area was crowded and i would have been petrified to approach it even let alone try to manage my disability whilst getting the money out. )
i feel i have conquered another mile stone and am so proud ... thanks Master for all Your help with this

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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