Tuesday, 21 June 2011

 You don't love a slave because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her.

 i was reading through blogs this morning and this quote flew out of the page , and hit me in the face as so to speak. In my life time i have always struggled to accept the fact that anyone could love me . ( i am it has to be said allot better than i used to be.......)  i am still learning to accept love from anyone , and my mind at times can twist things round and tell me that i am NOT beautiful or cared for even now.
Master and i have worked hard at this problem, some of it was done subtely by Him. .... some of it openly and some of it done by me because i wanted to show myself i was not that scared little bit of dirt that i could have easily remained if i hadnt have crawled and climbed back after the abuse that was given to me.
As i was grown up, i had my fair share of abuse.....ranging from a mother who didnt understand that i had disabilitys (and if she did was scared of them ) and so took every opportunity to point out how i was a clumsy and useless girl, who was so ugly that no one could love me, to a wanna be Master who did everything that he could to break my spirit.
It has taken me a long time to get to the point of looking at myself, and realising that i am beautiful, and i have to admit at times a comment (even said in jest ) can knock back a chunk of that new found  love and growth of me. BUT i am getting there.
Why/how ? Because of the patience and care of my One... because as the quote at the top of this blog says you dont love a slave (and take out that word slave if you want and replace it with any other person or animal) because she is beautiful........she is beautiful because she is loved. Love it comes in many disguises......in some cases it can seem tough at  times.... love can be a hug. love can be  caring enough to write down that chalk mark, correct that mistake, ..love can be allowing another person time away to bond with another .........It may not always shine through or be in your face .....(like the young romances that teenages have of puppy love)  but it "IS" here in my relationship.
i consider myself cared for and i am extremely lucky,  I AM BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE I AM LOVED. not just by my family friends and Master ... but by me.
thankyou cassie for including that quote

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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