Monday, 23 September 2013

 While walking our husky this morning i was amazed to see just how much autumn is creeping in, and the colours that have started to change on the plants shrubs and trees since last week. BUT by far the most beautiful thing that i saw as i rambled on with the dog , were hundreds of spider webs hanging delicately in trees , bushes and plants. Some of them stretched across the paths , and some of them were occupied by big fat spiders. Now i don't know if they are there when i go out all the time , or our town has suddenly had an explosion of these creepy things, but there seemed to be a glut of them.
This reminded me of some pictures that Master had been looking at , of Japanese girls with crickets, spiders and bugs crawling over various parts of their bodies and it caused  a shiver to creep up my spine. i am not afraid of the little critters.. growing up on a farm put paid to this, because there was so much wildlife. BUT Master seemed pretty keen at one point to try this bug idea out. So far though He seemed to have forgotten the idea, and i guess i am hoping that he will keep forgetting it as it doesn't appeal that much.
On a more cheerful note, Master has given the marks a refresh every now and again when He comes to bed with His dragon cane. The other night He came in and was greeted with the sight of my naked body mooning at Him as i slept blissfully unaware  sprawled over His side as well as my own. He decided to poke me with the cane, and got no response, , which was followed by apparently a couple of raps.. ( i can not remember i must have been having a good sleep. ) At this point because i was laying so quietly and didn't even move for them , He start to worry that i was dead for a brief second till apparently i rolled over and continued to snooze. ( in His defence i do normally jump about at the thought of that cane and or wriggle everywhere. )
And so when i was told  this in the morning , i thought that He was joking ( He wasn't i have seen the evidence) which only goes to prove that the wriggling a fear that i used to experience is disappearing and can be conquered.
Have fun all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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