Thursday, 16 May 2013

im not a boy scout

 Today has been incredibly difficult for me and i am fighting not to be a diva brat, but just to quietly go on my way and do chores. Master is not well,  he seems to have picked up some sickness bug from the hospital the other day, and has slept the best part of the day away.
So on the brief 5 minutes that i saw Him before He went back to bed , He told me to go do the shopping and vanished back to sleep.
The bratty part of me hates Thursdays for grocery shopping with all the people in the stores, forgetting to get out of the way, and hates trying to be organised enough to remember all things that will be needed.  ( and for those people who do this type of thing every day, it is a nightmare for me , as i spent  many years recovering from agoraphobia until i met Master , and it is just one of my disabilities that He has worked on to over come with me ) Well after having a mini panic attack i arrived home with quite a sensible groceries purchase , and have been swinging from diva to brat in my mind ever since.
Himself is still asleep, and i keep wanting to go and poke Him to make sure that He's breathing OK, but i know deep inside i have to keep calm and get on with life or else there will be hell to pay later. i CAN do this and i will.
hugs to all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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