Tuesday, 22 April 2014

what , i thought holidays were stress free.

 What a manic few days......
But , first before i start an apology to morningstar, atm = at the moment. ( i am for ever getting wrong for using shortened English and shouldn't have done it. ) And ummm , i kind of pressed the wrong button and deleted the rest of your comment. Sorry.
We have had a real busy weekend, including some  hiccups and a few drama moments... Two of the children descended on Easter Saturday, and so much laughter was had by us all , despite being young grownups i find they still want eggs... and our daughter brought some over also. ( during the drama , noise and confusion , i forgot to give one out to our egg man ( he brings chicken eggs each week so they don't get cracked on the way home from the grocery store ~ it started one year as a joke, and has gone on ever since. ) When the young ones had gone on their different ways ( to parties and dinners) Master and i sat down for a well earned rest and chat. i learnt that He has not given up on the yellow folder idea, He just does not feel that it is the right time to give it out at the moment , and is waiting because there are certain things that need to be put into place before i can begin it. ( i guess i can be patient )
Sunday saw us dining on a giant roast turkey , and much fun and laughter happening with the three of us in our house. It was lovely to eat dinner, wear silly party hats and watch a film, just taking in time with Master and the middle one.
Monday saw a visit to the garden centre  , where we found out our post had been going missing again in a round about way. Master choose a load of brightly coloured flowers to plant in the beds that i had been preparing over the holiday period, and some other bits and pieces , including  a few paint brushes and wall fixings... We went to the till to pay, and His card was rejected.. this actually brought panic on to me because i knew we had well over enough to pay for the plants and stuff three times over and told the lady so. Master said that He would go to the cash machine to withdraw the funds as sometimes the till readers are cranky, and the card told Him to contact the bank as soon as possible. ( but would not allow Him any money. By this time i was really panicky, worrying that the thing had been cloned or, hacked or something and worrying about our bills etc...
We returned home after apologising to the shop till worker, ( He would not let me use my bank cards ) and Master headed for His Internet banking. He had been locked out of this as well. On phoning up the number on the card, He was eventually  told that they had changed the bank account and sent Him a new letter about this, and that they had also sent Him a new card separately as the old one would become void after a month.... We had not received these... and it turned out that this is now the fourth letter (important one) that we know of that has not been delivered to our house....As we have got other peoples mail through our door and a new post lady i can only conclude that she has sent out things ( including Master's new bank card) to another house. ) It does not give me much hope for the British postal system and i know that i would not like to be in her shoes when Master has to complain again.
Today has been spent with a trip to the health service people and now resting , and trying to update my neglected blog. i hope you all had a better Easter holiday than we did .

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. atm=at the moment eh??? I will have to remember that :) and other than the bank card business I think you had a delightful holiday !!! It's at holiday time I miss my girls the most and this year I couldn't go down to visit and risk picking up some kid germs - ahh well Mother's Day is coming.