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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Updates... maybe not.

 For days the new list has sat on the office window sill, tempting me to look at it, taunting me to try and read a few bits of it.... and today i has gone..... i have seen where He has placed it... (neatly under the little printer brought from a thrift shop, )but in truth i am starting to not want it.
Don't get me wrong , i am still a stubborn , pig headed , submissive slave, and definitely His and His alone. but i am finding more and more , where there was the burning curiosity to want to read it and follow the instructions, now i am more worried that i am so used to making my own decisions and not having a list, that i will fail it dismally when and if i ever do get it.
( for those who can not do mind reading , i am talking about my list of instructions that Master made me for the start of 2014 , which  for one reason or another have not made it to me to be carried out.) i have tried using the old ones, not the same if there is no comment on them..i tried for weeks to peep at the new ones , (managing to read a few words , but not really making sense without the whole picture) Now i don't want to look.
i justify this mind frame in my mind by dedicating everything that i do to the best of my ability to making His and my family comfy, but it is hard .. and the list was easier.. maybe this old bird can learn new tricks , who knows... but for now i am off to garden and pull the weeds.
have fun all .
ps it is 10:49 am here atm morningstar .

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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