Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Today has been good , we (as in Master and i got out and about and managed to find a bargain at the local charity shop of a mini printer ) We have two already, which are great , but they are so fiddly to work and if you just want a picture quick they are not  always economical ( in time wise at least) to set up and print. So Master had been looking into getting a new one , but the emphasis at the moment seems to be on the bigger the better. This little one will suit His needs well.
While we were out Master decided that we should  have lunch, ( and i had forgotten my meds) So when He came to ask why i was not taking it i had to fess up that i had removed it from my bag and had not put any new ones in. (Sighs... i need to get used to taking the silly tablets , but i was the one to suffer as the pain killers had worn off and i didn't have any new ones. ) He did threaten to give me 100 lines as to the tune of i should not be a plonker and forget my meds ..... but thankfully He didn't..i know that i wont be so lucky next time and so i better put a spare set of tabs in each of my bags so i don't get it wrong again.
Life here today has been good as the sun is out, but then so is the pollen and with it bringing a new set of problems .. ahhh well it has to be better than the dust pollution we had last week , at least the dog and i can go walking early in the morning before the count rises to high.
Have a good rest of the day all... i am a little on edge as i think may maintenance may be spreading its way to me tonight as Master seems to be so much better today... ( part of me wants it, the other part dreads it as my body had gone so long with out it , i think i am back in control. muhahahahaha)

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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