Thursday, 1 August 2013

After the storm

It seems so long since the last blog post and so many things seem to have happened...
1) i got a new "pet name" of custard~ Master has decided to call me custard (don't laugh)  In some situations  He thinks that  i go into my" i can take on and rule the world mode," when out and/or among people that are vanilla and do not understand our relationship dynamics .  He picked this as He loves custard.... i don't , but then it should remind me to behave . He has also used it on the bratty phase when i am overstepping the boundaries and don't  realise it.
2) Maintenance has been stepped up ~ ( the jury is out on this one for me as to whether this is a good thing or not ) Now Thursday and Tuesday are  cane nights , no ifs and the only butt apparently is mine......  i guess i was lucky to get away with no maintenance for such a long period of time , and on reflection it is good for me because i know that i won't be able to pretend to myself that He is not keeping an eye one me.
He is also keeping a closer eye on my chores , ( not that they needed this as i love doing them) my bed time, and my reading time when i have gone to bed.
All of these things were put in place after i had a rash moment the other day and caused a blazing upset by waking Him up by crashing things about in a shed under our bedroom window.. ( i wake early in the summer , i always have done and blackout curtains don't seem to help me ) My extra job for the day was to clean out the shed , and get rid of the rubbish............ my idea was to get it done before anyone else was up, so i could have time to spend doing other things later in the day.. Well i won't be making that mistake again in a hurry, apparently metal on concrete is loud and so is me sweeping the cobwebs away when the rest of the world slumbers on. i didn't mean to wake Him, but it happened , and it was made worse because the  previous morning he had been woken early also and so was still tired.
His tolerance of my , but you told me to do it was practically zero and so were my negotiation skills , i was upset as i thought i was only doing as i was told.. i was also hot and worn out by that time. Things calmed down after an half hour of a lecture ( and yes He was justified in it looking back on the event , and i am now ashamed of myself) and later in the evening a list of "quiet" chores and  the new things put i place. ( i guess i should explain Master has had sleep apnea since he was a child and His sleep is precious to Him )
i am grateful now to Him doing this for me , and i really hope that i don't upset Him to much with points etc,  i can see me either learning to love His dragon canes   or pulling up my big girl panties and weathering the residue after the storm. ( and He says that there are more changes to come when i get used to these ones)
Have a good rest of the week all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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