Wednesday, 11 April 2012

you know you have been tangoed.......

For weeks now i have been without a computer of my own, having to borrow Master's spare , but not liking using it for it because at the end of the day it isn't mine..... Is anything really i wonder.... See Master has never been mean to me and said that i can not have anything that i need.... wanting something is a different matter though.... For weeks i practised the art of typing in third person because He banned the word "i" and no word NO as well. Thankfully there is now a break from this , and i will appreciate now the allowance of being able to use i as a name for myself again, Never forgetting that it could be taken away just as quick..... The same with clothes, Oh i know they are mine, but, He has final say when i go clothes shopping, , but i get to have feminine classic clothes, rather than fashion, that is hip one moment and not so much the next..( and no i am not complaining i like to wear nice things that suit me)
i realise that He is always looking out for my interests , and He never ceases to surprise me with gifts of  things like flowers, days out, classical music that i love, and sometimes candy. This doesn't make me spoilt, but it does make me feel like the most loved and protected girl on this earth, and all i have to do in return is submit to Him and balance......W/we make a good whole and i am a lucky girl to have this Man in my life. 
The latest surprise to come my way is a bright orange and black P.C. ( nick named tango by B/both of U/us ) which He and i am to pick up tomorrow... hopefully then my friends i will be able to feel more comfortable to blog more and keep this journal up to date. 
Hope you are all well this lovely spring day......
hugs... saffy

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another

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