Sunday, 17 July 2011

Prioritise, but i am only human after all.

 Who would have thought that one little word could have caused me so much stress and worry the  last few days. i have never been one who is able to prioritise my time very well, i have a brain that constantly moves onto the next thing unless i remain totally focused on the task that i happen to be attending to, and can quite happily , (though i have to say not on purpose) forget things that are said or i say by time passing before i have time to do them or the time to do them gets here. Partially i guess it is because of my dyspraxia... (if you don't understand it you can find out about it .here) Partially it is because i am human and W/we all forget things every now and again , no matter who W/we are or what title W/we choose to give ourselves.
The word was said to me when i forgot to look something up on the Internet , and went on a flash game instead, i must admit at the time i had completely forgotten i had said i would look for this object , and was quite content looking at the silly game that i had found and willing away a few hours......The words that followed afterwards are not ones that i will ever forget (but i am however aware that i may forget to do things again.)
It has made me look at all P/people and how T/they chose to prioritise their time , whether T/they (in real life or online say that T/they are going to do things or not). i see quite a few P/people forget that they have to do things and have to have gentle reminders....i see things said that are going to be done left undone, and in the greater sphere of things i really don't think that it matters , (unless it harms a person by not doing , or it is repeatedly done on purpose) .
As my Masters girl, i try not to forget things, i am perhaps one of the worst culprits for not remembering, but i would never consciously do something, and leave a thing that should have been a higher priority on purpose. However, i did , and now i have to live with this and try and get it into perspective, which is not something that i am finding easy. i hate the upset that it caused. The people involved in this (apart from myself) have quite possibly moved on from it) i however have not. All i can do is say sorry and hope that i never forget to do something again that is important to another person or myself.
hugs and  light

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. Strange that you say that you have not moved on ,I would have thought with your train of thought that you and thats a big you would have had a good think evaluate and then moved on ,lifes too short to dwell we makes mistakes the s was left there on purpose ,we move on .MK

  2. i guess that You are right master i have moved on from the event..i just dont want it to reoccur
    thank You