Tuesday, 1 October 2013

 Yesterday was bliss in the fact that we took a whole day off with our grown up daughter and went to the seaside just to chill and relax. There was allot of walking , there always is on these days, and the wind was terrible in the fact that it didn't want to stop blowing hair in my eyes and mouth. i imagined Master looking stressed at the thought that it was going everywhere , but He was OK with it... ( normally He hates hair everywhere and mine has a life of its own now it has grown back.
He treated us all to a hot chocolate in a really old world cafe, and He had His latte. i think he was just enjoying being out with His girls, although i know at times He would rather it was just me and Him it was nice to see both of them messing about on the two penny arcade machines and winning nick nacks.
He surprised me in the fact that He went into the chocolate shop and brought me three different types of sweets... ( some Turkish delight... ( the proper stuff not synthetic), some bootlaces made from liquorice and some chocolate pudding jelly beans .) Once upon a time i would have eaten them all but now they are in little tubs waiting to be used as rewards and waiting to be told i can eat them. This stems back from a day a few  years ago when He was helping me lose weight and brought phish ice cream to see how strong the will power was. None existent, because i love that scream, and i thought it was a treat..... Never assume that the treat was mine to eat any more, i can still remember the disapproval and words that were given, so now  i have learnt to wait for the reward of being given the treat instead of just taking. He also brought me juicy pomegranates and sweet corn on the cob for my healthier side. i love these also.
The trip was a success i think and for the second night i slept with none of the nightmares that had been plaguing my sleep for weeks before this... i say second night because Master had woken me up and sorted my body out in the middle of the night, the day before , ensuring that i had enough reminders on my body to keep me happy and feeling safe , and that i wouldn't forget who was in charge. There is nothing like an aching part of the body to make you owned and cherished.
It would have been nice to have brought some shellfish back with us fresh from the sea, but sadly there has been links to it being the cause of some illnesses that have been going on so this was a no no and it didn't happen... but better this than have had a week ill and unable to do anything or longer .. especially with the new meds being temperamental at times still.
hope everyone is fine this Monday

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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