Thursday, 11 July 2013

But i am unique

 i guess saying" i am unique" and doing things differently all ones life does not cut ice when being told to do something, nor does "but i always leave them there ".........The objects in question were my shoes, Master wanted them upstairs, but does not like me going outside without them on, nor wearing slippers outside, and so i like to keep them downstairs hidden from sight under the coffee table. ( i have done this for nearly six years .... and i had no problem about it ) HOWEVER it would seem He had.
It made no iota of difference that shoes had always been kept by the door when i was young , nor that it was a long way to go crashing upstairs to get them every time the dog went out... The new home for shoes was upstairs. "i don't think so" also was a wrong answer.
In some ways i guess that He is right, because there has been in excess of four pairs of shoes dotted about the living room, and one has to pick them up every time it is hoovered etc, to say nothing of the times i hadn't noticed my sons.and nearly fell over them.. and yet i felt defiant, because i didn't want to travel upstairs every time that i went outside. ( i guess a sensible answer was to wear them but in this weather it is far to hot and i dislike things against my skin)
Short end to the story , our shoes now live upstairs, not anywhere downstairs..and i should not be such a brat as to have argued in the first place... i have a feeling that i may regret this when my earache is better. 
ps i only had one pair of shoes downstairs.. the rest were other peoples...
hugs have a good thursday

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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