Friday, 14 June 2013

 Today the sun is out.... the wind has blown all the wet weather that we were having away, and i feel GOOD. Mind you i dont know if this has anything to do with the weather, or the fact that Master tried His new makeshift paddle out on my backside yesterday. 
Some time ago, whilst visiting our daughter, we had been shopping at an Adnam's shop ( one of Master's favourite ales) and discovered that it had a lovely cooking utensil shop at the back of it. i had to try looking at masses of wooden chopping boards all different sizes, lengths and woods and not have drooling thoughts. i loves the ones made out of oak and of olive.... ( although the ash ones had a beautiful grain running in them. ) Master picked on out and  i have to admit it felt lovely in my hands, but i wondered how something that was so long and thick was going to feel on my backside. i cheekily said that He couldnt have it until His birthday and hid it. ( promptly forgetting where i had stashed it away)
This all occured a few weeks ago ..... i had almost forgotten about it... i say almost .... Lets just say last night i  was reminded of it again ,( as it was found by Himself) just in a tester situation, It feels as good as it looks and is a king among paddles. ( although i am sure it is a posh cheese board or chopping board.) Not only does it leave a nice throbby sting as it meets with the butt cheeks ... it also continues to throb with none of the gaps  of coolness that you get with our littler paddles or a wooden spoon. All this from only three spanks.
(  i had thought that the wooden spoon with holes in it  was one of my favourite implements, but now i am not so sure.....) i am truely hoping that it the paddle ( or Master's sandwich board as He calls it ) will be used more than the three spanks that i got with it last night, and that other smaller things with be added to  emphasise it.
Have a fun Friday all.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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