Tuesday, 27 September 2011

tick tock bed time .

 One of the things that Master and i are doing at the moment is trying to get my night time routine back to normal...... ( it sort of  gradually went out of the window with sleep patterns etc when i broke the toe.... )and the cranky girl that i get when i don't have a routine started to make a come back.
Anyhow bedtime has been set to ten... so i can read my book and relax, generally unwind and not be wound up by comments and articles on the Internet. ( a nice time for me as i like an early start in the morning so i can gather some  me time . )
The first night i am afraid i managed to stuff up completely and earned a point...........( i hated that point because i know i wasn't going to get more than one this month... or that was my secret goal and it has now made me up to four) To date Master has not managed to find the privacy for us for me to collect my cane stroke for getting it.... however.......i just know He wont forget it cos He loves that devil cane far to much. Last night i managed to be ready for bed before ten ........( by a whole ten minutes....) i was so proud of myself.
i  really am trying hard to stick to my guide lines and  the help that Master gives me . It makes it easier knowing each rule (guideline ) that He puts in place is there because it helps me in some way and that in itself  to follow them because i still want to be the best i possibly can for Him.
(and one day have no points on that blackboard.
hugs to all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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