Friday, 9 May 2014

Ok.... i know i said every day, but when i have finished my art doodle for a day, and done all the other things there is very little time left, plus i still think that i have had very little to offer in the way of anything nice to read. ( though somehow i guess that s not a real excuse since i used to do this everyday, but i have done my hand journal )
The past week has seen me trying to keep up with my organisation skills ( not very well) fighting off asthma attacks ( due to pollens and paint) and trying to remember where i have left my gloves for washing up. After looking for them for ages it seems , one has turned up on the living rooms window... the other is still missing in action, or glove napped by someone.  ( i guess that i will just have to get some new ones again)
The weather has not made up its mind what it wants to do at the moment, one moment heavy showers and the next it is sunshine, but always with a nice breeze that will get the washing dry quicker than any tumble dryer if i pay attention and don't leave it in to many showers.
My grumpy cat project  is closer to being cut out , but i am trying to pick a day when i don't feel to stressed so i do not spoil the fabric.... and the leather hood  that i also decided to make is beginning to form , i just need to cut a pattern out of news paper and then i will be the proud owner of one red gimp hood when it is all stitched together. ( these two projects came together when Master mentioned in passing that he would like a grumpy cat to sit on his computer , for some reason He seems to like this miserable looking animal, and so i decided to make one from fleece and fill it with beans so it was pose able , and the red hood came about because i felt i got a bargain from a car boot market when i got a carrier bag overflowing with red leather off cuts for a minimal amount of money.  i have to make something out of it. )
Anyhow have a good Friday

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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