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Sunday, 4 May 2014

 Well as promised here is Saturday's blog. i wont lie, i almost didn't get on here to do this , as today has kept me so busy with all sorts of extra things and i feel really worn out. Good thing about today include that  i heard that my father is potentially cancer free again, after another burst of chemo sessions, ( we will know for definite in six weeks ) The chemo always seems to bring out a fight in him though and i am just glad for him that it was only a short course of it this time .
i have also managed to prepare most of the back garden flower beds for the brightly coloured gems that Master and i have chosen so far, saving just the one to do for tomorrow..... as it will give me something to focus on whilst Master and my middle son finish the decorating that they are doing.
Speaking of decorating i feel eternally grateful that is has been a warmish day today as we have had to have all the windows open upstairs to rid the house of the painty fumes. ( my asthma does not seem to enjoy the freshly painted rooms that much and has already been playing up due to the pollen. )
i am trying desperately to keep it under control as i know that if it is not , there will be not a chance of play for me next week either and i miss the light caress of His canes , although i have noticed that the wooden spoon has suddenly appeared upstairs so maybe i will be lucky and have a bite from that tonight.
Have a good rest of the day all
the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. Glad to hear there is possibly some good news about your father. We are enjoying the warm weather here as well, but the pollen is killing us all!

  2. Hope the pollen levels lower for you soon .... hugs saffy