Tuesday, 5 November 2013

 Sorry for the lack of communication of late , but  time has been taken up with appointments , chasing up papers , and more appointments.
Master is gradually teaching me how to  not try and do one million things in a day and wear myself out, but it is hard, because often i think that i am the only one to see things that need doing and i get frustrated.
We went to our daughters this weekend ( she had a new table arriving and He thought that it would be nice if i spent time with her while He waited for it and signed .... in the end we all got to go out in the city and explore some rather nifty junk shops that we found. Master and i can spend hours in these places looking for the ideal gift or object , and this one was like an Aladdin's cave with all it's treasures. It would seem that daughter has inherited our love of them as well, as she was as bad as us.
None of us could believe that it was lunch time , among the treasures found were two different dragon canes , one silver topped and a light wood and one a beautiful reddish wood , much the same as cherry wood.  Also allot of antiques , a large chair in the design of a red shoe........ ( no we didn't buy this but daughter fell in love with it , and a jacko chimp, much like the one that i had all through my childhood ( it was my best friend in many ways as it went everywhere with me and knew my darkest secrets. )
Then it was on to Nando's  where we had chicken, rice , and veg . After dropping daughter off at her partners village we went home and had a relaxing evening, and although i was tired it was a beautiful and fun day.
Sunday saw Master allowing this one in His man cave, and sharing a bath with Him , then having a session with the canes . The different widths of them surprised me how much they were not alike and i have to say my favourite is becoming the light one that has the silver tip, only because it has it's ripples closer together and seems to make a crisper bite . Te vote for them is yes please Master can we find some more.. this from a girl who hated canes most of her life. But dragon canes do not feel the same.
Have a wonderful Monday all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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