Sunday, 11 December 2011

Some times words are not needed

For a while now O/our  outter rim, of some of the family circle, have been making waves about Master and myself's life. Suddenly everyone has become the worlds best advisor on  how to make a relationship work (or not, as the case might be.... the trouble is they look at it through the eyes of a vanilla ), and this  in itself  would be all well and good, if they didnt put conditions on things and think they knew me and what makes me tick.... (however  well meant their advise is , i wish that they would just butt out at times.) It is hard ... they dont understand the dynamics and guidelines that Master and i live by and they do not see the whole picture. (Even if they did i guess that they still wouldnt understand as it would be (to them) like putting a square peg into a round whole........It just would not fit . )
So although Master and i are back on track, and the close circle of family about us seem to be able to see how much happier i am.... The war with the outter family member's rages on. The sad thing is they are failing to notice my unhappiness at their negativity and babred comments, They do not seem to care that their words and their actions damage me (this abuse to them is ok) All their actions will do in the end is drive me away from them....It is a sad and mixed up world that we live in .....
The only person that i have to take notice of , is Master, and follow His advice and lead, and hope that one day they will understand... In a particular heated phone call , full of well meaning advice, (seeing how stressed i was) Master came up beside me and just cuddled me and stroked my head.... comforting and reassuring me ..and letting me know He supported me. "sometimes words are not needed" . If only all people realised this.
hugs to all.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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